What is SARTQ?

SARTQ, Sarasota’s local popular artist collective whose name underscores their connection to the region (a take-off on the area’s three letter airport code “SRQ”) was founded and formed in early 2008 by local artists Tim Jaeger and Joseph Arnegger under the observation that the Sarasota region boasted a large number of talented visual artists, yet only a small fraction were seen by the public, and the artist themselves were not actively engaged in dialogue and cooperation. Begun informally, the collective quickly expanded and gained the attention of many local enthusiasts while exhibiting in multiple local rogue exhibitions and fairs including the SELECT Art Fair Art Basel Miami.   After a brief two year hiatus, SARTQ aims to not only maintain a sustainable network of accomplished Sarasota + Manatee County artists, manage an ambitious calendar of annual exhibitions and events, but also to create collaborations with local businesses, community, and performing arts organizations with a special effort to forge strong relationships with local schools. SARTQ events and exhibitions are suitable for all ages and accessible to everyone in the community.


SARTQ aspires to be the visual arts resource for area artists. Members are attracted to this organization because SARTQ is in the unique position to promote Sarasota artists on a scale that would not ordinarily be available to an individual artist while providing a supportive internal network amongst the artists. Through its top tier curated local art exhibitions and events, SARTQ, attracts attention on the world art platform, while stimulating the creative engine amongst artists and enthusiasts locally.

SARTQ intends to develop ongoing programs that support Sarasota’s multiple academic institutions and inspire art students to pursue art as a career. SARTQ provides an opportunity for member artists to connect with other local artists and share the job of promoting and marketing their work.


 SARTQ is a collective designed to maintain a sustainable network of artists which provide and enhance the local visual arts through the creation of unique art experiences and educational programming.

Based in Sarasota, FL, SARTQ engages the community through unique art experiences.  In addition, the collective strives to: 1. Support the circle’s creative endeavors. 2. Produce roaming / temporary exhibitions. 3. Create educational opportunities in the community. 4. Reveal to the public how artists can function in society. 5. Create sustainable partnerships throughout the community that energize the visual arts and attract national attention to Sarasota’s legacy as a visual arts town.